21 Dec

“Being a candle is difficult because one must first burn in order to emit light.” ~ Shree Shambav

Some of us might feel that the Advent season is becoming arduous. It is hard to apply ourselves to something with prolonged intensity. As Advent begins, it is easy to construct a wreath, maybe make a Jesse tree, sing some songs and pray some prayers. But doing so every day for the entire season is a different matter. That takes commitment and that is a word that is not known by many people.

If the Advent season is going to have any value, we have to plunge into the season every day. Each day is a day to begin anew. We build on our yesterdays and look toward the tomorrows of the season in order to arrive as prepared as possible to Christmas. Doing so, we are truly like that candle, burned down from what we were.

As we burn, we emit light. That light can guide us – or others – to a greater reality. It guides us to Jesus Christ. As we arrive at our goal, we are changed people. In the process, we find that our candles have not only burned but, mysteriously, they have also gained new wax so that we may continue to burn.

God calls us, He coaxes us, He provides for us, and He does all of that out of love for us. Jesus’ light burns the brightest. It burns so bright, in fact, that it dispels the darkness of sin and death. In His light, we see light. In His glory, we are redeemed.

That, I believe, is good enough reason to burn as brightly as we can throughout the Advent season.

FAITH ACTION Be a light to others by your words and deeds.