Following The Star

20 Dec

“Twinkle tiny star.
Oh, how great you truly are!
God’s sign from afar.”
~ Richelle E. Goodrich

God gives us many signs in our lives. Some might be as great and majestic as that brand new star. Others, I dare say, are quite small. Small enough that we could miss them or ignore them easily.

In the grand scheme of things, what is one more speck in the skies? What is one more flickering light? There might be many people who discount such an event. In the same fashion, what is one more good work done for us? What is one more gift given to us? To that end, what is one more poor person? What is one more sick person? What is one more person in need?

We are often affected by numbers. There are times when numbers can make us feel enthralled and other times when numbers can make us feel numb. People complain about the numbers who come to them for help. They say they’re overwhelmed by the numbers who come to them with a problem. They might even say that they’re exhausted by the number of people who treat them well.

One tiny star. Was that one star too many? No. It gave light to the Magi so that they could find the newborn King. One more person in need? Is that one too many for us? Will we refuse to help? We were that one more in need and Jesus didn’t ignore or refuse us.

One more day of the Advent season. Are we tired of our preparation or are we willing to embrace the season yet again to get as much out of it as possible?

FAITH ACTION:  Don’t get tired of the journey. Instead, plunge into your Advent practices.