Be An Example For Others

28 Feb

“The world changes with your example not with your opinion.”  ~ St. Teresa of Calcutta

So many people think that they are going to change things with mere words.  While it is true that words have a power of their own, words are relatively meaningless unless they are backed by action.  The best phrased thoughts in the world are just that: thoughts.  However, when those thoughts bloom into action, incredible things can come about.

Mother Teresa had an opinion.  She thought that there were a lot of people lying in the gutters of the streets who had no hope, no dignity.  She thought that there was no one who really cared for the people who were destitute and dying.  She thought that there needed to be someone who would care for them.

That was her opinion.  The world would not have changed if her opinion remained internal to herself.  But, her opinion became example and everyone’s world was different.

The poor, the destitute, they dying?  They were brought into homes where they would be cleaned up, fed, and allowed to die with dignity rather than in anonymous suffering.  The hungry?  They were fed.  The orphans?  They were brought into loving facilities where they would be fed, clothed, and provided education.

Mother Teresa did all of this, some would say, because of an opinion that Jesus dwelled in every person she saw.  We share that opinion of Mother Teresa’s.  Does our opinion remain internal to ourselves or do we do something about it?

FAITH ACTION:  Live your faith to the fullest today so as to set an example for others to follow.