The Key

24 Oct

“The key to life is accepting challenges. Once someone stops doing this, he’s dead.” ~ Bette Davis

There are things that we have to do.  We know that.  We accept that, sometimes grudgingly.  However, we often do not like the challenges that come our way.  Whether they be physical or mental challenges, we bristle against them.

Challenges, however, are the proving fires of life.  If we go through life challenge-free, we are never going to amount to much.  We would become soft and spoiled.  No one, and I really mean no one, likes dealing with soft and spoiled people.

Challenges prove us.  They prompt us to look for ways to improve.  They define us.

We do have a choice.  When a challenge comes our way, we can refuse to accept it.  We can build up a shell.  We can wallow in our displeasure.  We can become morose, grumbling, cranky, angry people.

Or, we can choose to meet our challenges head on.  We can grab them, wrestle with them, and find the solution to them.  Mastering our challenges improves us and makes us more ready for the next challenge.  Make no mistake about it.  There will be a next challenge.  And a next.  And a next.

Do not bemoan the challenges that come your way this day.  Instead, accept them, master them, and celebrate them.

FAITH ACTION:  If you see someone struggling with a challenge, offer a hand to that person.