A Time Of Light And Love

15 Dec

“Out of the darkness, into the light: the time before Christmas is the time of light and mutual love.”  ~ Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann, 24 Days Until Christmas: 24 Christmas Poems

I’m not a Christmas-music-once-Halloween-is-over kind of person.  I think that’s way too early for Christmas music especially since they often quit playing it the day after Christmas when the Christmas season is just beginning.  However, by this time in the Advent season, I don’t mind a good Christmas song or two.  Nothing crazy, mind you.  None of the hip hop, be bop kind of Christmas music.  Instead, some of the classics that help to focus on the beauty to come: O Come, O Come Emmanuel, Silent Night, Away in a Manger and quiet, peaceful songs like that.

I like them because they remind me of the fact that Christmas is a time of light and love.  They set the tone for the season and help me focus on my Advent day.  There is nothing that prohibits the two from working with one another to provide an atmosphere to enhance prayer and reflection.

There is no light that emanates from this world.  The light of the world is an illusion.  There is, however, a light in this world and that is the Light of Christ.  We are all coming out of darkness and going to the light.  Advent reminds us of that in the scriptures presented to us at Mass as well as in the songs that are sung during this season.  They remind us of a bliss that awaits us and a joy that is longing to come into our hearts.

Advent can be a time of light and mutual love if we allow it to be.  If we enter the season of Advent completely, we will reach out to one another and assist one another in getting to know the Lord better.  That is the purpose of the many Advent practices.  They are not recommendations merely for us, they are suggestions to help us draw closer to one another.  When the family of God is close to each other, it is easier to see the Lord.

Be the light.  Be the love.  Be the peace that this season brings.  Help others to know that they are loved and cherished.

FAITH ACTION:  Try to share some good, old fashioned Christian love to the people you encounter today.