A Frame Of Mind

7 Jan

“Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind.” ~ Valentine Davies, Miracle on 34th Street

Christmas is over, you say? Well, what if it is not? What if Christmas were continuing day after day? It is, you know. At least, the Christmas Season is continuing when we try to keep Christmas in our minds and hearts. And that is exactly where it belongs.

Because, if Christmas is in our minds and hearts, it will seep out into our daily living. We could not help being more jovial, hopeful, loving, and caring if we nursed Christmas in our minds and hearts. “Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind.” How very true.

Most of you reading these reflections know that I like going to Walt Disney World after the holidays. As a matter of fact, that is where I am right now. One of the things that I do while down at Disney is to go to Disney Springs and visit their Christmas store. It is open year round and offers all sorts of Christmas items for purchase. Going into the store is like feeling Christmas all over again.

If we wake up cranky, our frame of mind is not going to be very good. We will most likely snap at people and be uncharitable in our dealings with one another. If we wake up feeling sick, our frame of mind will not be good. We will most likely mope and stay to ourselves. If we wake up happy, we will bring joy and cheer to others as we will want to share our happiness and have it return to us by making others happy.

And if we keep Christmas in our hearts? What could we possibly expect? Well, we would be cheerful, giving, and loving. Sharing that with others, we will receive the same in return. What a wonderful place our world would be if everyone would be in a Christmas frame of mind!

FAITH ACTION: Try to set your frame of mind to Christmas by being a joyful giver today.