Truth Can Be Found In Simplicity

11 Jun

“Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.”  ~ Isaac Newton

Our flawed human nature tends to make things much more complicated than they are.  It’s almost as if we won’t trust anything that appears simple.  If it’s simple we often say things like “it must be too good to be true.”  And yet, there’s a part of our very selves that yearns for simplicity.

We hold people who live simple lives in high esteem.  When we see someone who can uncomplicate a situation for us, we like that person immediately.  Maybe we do that because, even though we tend to complicate things, we recognize in the deep recesses of our beings that truth is ever to be found in simplicity.

We talk about people like St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta who found Jesus in simple acts such as feeding the hungry or picking up a dying person from the street gutters and placing them in comfortable beds so that they could die with dignity.  We talk about those kinds of people and we say that we wish we could be like them.

If that’s the case, what stops us from being like them?  Again, I think it’s our tendency to complicate things.  If we saw a person that needed help, we would think, “Well, first of all, I will need to find a place to bring that person in.  Then, I will have to get permits and proper zoning for the place.  Of course, there’s financing to be secured.  What will the locals think?  What kind of staff will I need?”  By the time we finish answering all of our complicated questions, the person we want to help may well have died of old age.

Mother Teresa and a whole host of “simple” saints wouldn’t worry about those questions.  They would simply pick up the person, bring the person home with them, and let God provide.  It sounds simplistic to say, “God will take care of everything” but there it is:  God DOES take care of everything if we just leave it to Him.

Refresh yourself today and place all of you duties into God’s hands and let Him help you take care of things.  It’s the simplest thing to do and the thing that will bring about the best results.  And you won’t have to worry.

FAITH ACTION:  Look for the Lord in basic, simple things today.