The Lord Never Forgets

11 Jan

You descendants of Abraham, his servants,
sons of Jacob, his chosen ones!
He, the Lord, is our God;
throughout the earth his judgments prevail.

He remembers forever his covenant
which he made binding for a thousand generations —
Which he entered into with Abraham
and by his oath to Isaac.  (Ps 105:6-9)

Thank God that He remembers His promises!  Seriously.  Because we all know, when it comes to promises, ours are hit or miss.  Promises come from us rather easily but fulfilling those promises are another matter entirely.

Just look at our New Year’s resolutions.  It is now January 11th.  How many of you have already broken one or more of the promises you made for New Year’s?

Come on.  Don’t be shy.  Raise your hands.

I think you get my message — and, in case you were wondering, my hand was up as well — about the fact that we often are not very good at keeping our word.  Yet the prophets throughout the Old Testament and the Evangelists and saints throughout the New Testament continually spoke about a God who not only promises but who remembers His promises and delivers on His promises.

God is faithful.  Can we say the same about ourselves?  With God’s help, we have that chance.

FAITH ACTION:  In quiet reflection today, think about the people in your life you may have forgotten for one reason or another.  Bring them to the Lord in prayer.