13 Apr

“The root of all superstition is that men observe when a thing hits, but not when it misses.” ~ Francis Bacon

Avoid black cats crossing your path.
Don’t walk under a ladder.
Lucky colors/clothes.
Find a penny, pick it up.
A rabbit’s foot will bring you luck.
Bad luck comes in threes.
Knock on wood.
Don’t break a mirror.
Checking your horoscope before making any major decision.
A wishbone can bring you luck.
And today’s favorite theme: Friday the 13th.

The above is only a brief list of some of the most popular superstitions. Some were derived in history because of significance that attached to certain circumstances, some were randomly created, and some have no real explanation at all. All that is known is that many people believe in the principles of superstition and will often follow them to the letter.

Superstition has also been enshrined in many religions and faux religions. In scripture, God, through the prophets and in the words of Jesus, warned the people against following superstition. God did so because many people put their superstitious practices over the practice of their faith.

Nothing should ever be more important than God Himself.

I am coming home from vacation today. Some would say that I should not fly on Friday the 13th, that something bad can happen. Well, the only thing bad that could happen would be problems with the plane and that can happen on Friday the 13th, Thursday the 12th, or Saturday the 14th and would most likely be the product of mechanical breakdown and not of superstition.

While many might think that superstitious practices are “funny” or “cute”, the reality is that superstitious practices can pull one from the path to the Kingdom quickly. We need to practice our faith in the Lord, not in superstition.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God to give you the grace you need to live with faith and trust in Him rather than putting your trust in superstition.