Make Today Your Favorite Day

4 Aug

“What day is it?” asked Pooh. “It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.  “My favorite day,” said Pooh.

There are some people who never seem to be happy with the day given to them.  They find a million reasons to grumble and complain.  However, the day is a gift, pure and simple.  We need to learn to appreciate each day for the gift it is.

I know that is a balancing act for many of us.  I, myself, find it hard to be positive all the time.  Sometimes, I wake up with my head pounding from a sinus headache or eyes itching horribly from allergies.  Sometimes, I wake up and think about the day ahead and dread having to take care of certain matters.  Sometimes, our lives can be a real chore.

However, the day, in and of itself, is a gift and we need to embrace it for that.  I often joke with people as they come in for Mass.  When they ask how I am, I tell them that I can’t complain because it wouldn’t do any good if I did.  I tell them I can’t complain because I woke up on the right side of the grass.  I tell them I can’t complain because even though I might think I have it rough, I know others who are facing much worse challenges.

They smile or laugh at our brief exchanges before Mass; but, I hope they also get the point: we can’t complain.  When things are said and done, we’ve got it good.

If we could adopt the simple attitude of Pooh by saying “Today is my favorite day”, we would be able to see the many blessings that await us.  Attitude does determine how much we see or how much we miss.

If we view our day as a favorite day, we would notice the smiles around us, the invitations extended to us, and the love shared with us.  If, on the other hand, we view our day negatively, we will miss the positive and key in on all the negative.  We will see suspicion, cruelty, and hatred all the while missing the kindness and love surrounding us.

Do you ever wonder if Jesus had bad days?  I’m sure He must have.  He is as human as you and me.  He probably had sore feet days and sand blowing in the eyes days.  Yet, his attitude must have been extremely positive — He must have thought every day was His favorite day — because He always met people with love, care, and concern.  He noticed the crippled, the blind, the infirm, and the lepers.  He reached out to them in their need and provided for them as He healed them of their infirmities as well as forgave their sins.

God loves us immensely. He provides for us still to this day. He feeds us in the Eucharist.  He forgives our sins.  How can today not be our favorite day?

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God to open your eyes to all the beauty and love that surrounds you.