Living Waters

15 Mar

“When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.”  ~ Benjamin Franklin

The readings are full of water images this weekend.  In the first reading, Moses struck a rock from which water flowed for the people to drink.  In the Gospel, a Samaritan woman encountered Jesus at a well and her heart was inspired to see Jesus as the living water come down from heaven.

We all thirst.  As a matter of fact, “thirst” is a very common and powerful word.  We take it to mean a deep longing or desire.  We use it when talking about people thirsting for justice, people thirsting for love, as well as people thirsting for water to quench a parched body.

Our souls also thirst for the Lord.  The Samaritan woman reflects that deep longing that is in each and every one of us.  Some people mask that longing by trying to fill their thirst with worldly goods.  Others mask that longing by reaching out to the wrong people and find themselves led astray.

It is only the Lord who can lead us safely to the Kingdom.  It is only the Lord who can quench our parched souls.  It is only the Lord who can provide all of our needs.  Why, then, do we look to satisfy our thirst in other places or other people?

FAITH ACTION:  Spend time with the Lord in prayer this day, going to the source of life-giving waters and quenching your thirst.