Life Is A Journey

4 Sep

“I may not be where I want to be, but thank God I am not where I used to be.”
~ Joyce Meyer

Imagine getting behind the wheel of a car, turning it on, and driving away.  Now, imagine that, as you drive forward, you are looking behind your back the entire time.  How far do you think you will get before you hit something?  Not very far, I am sure.

We cannot move forward if we are looking behind.  Sometimes, we get very frustrated with ourselves because we are looking behind.  We complain about the kind of people that we were in the past, the things we have done, the things we have said, as well as the things left undone and unsaid.  But, in all that looking back, we never credit ourselves with things that were done well.  We just focus on the things that were not good.

God has led us through many messes and given us grace upon grace to change.  We are still in the process of change and will never be fully perfected until the moment that we see God face-to-face in heaven.  Until then, we simply need to keep moving.  We will not be able to do so, however, until we can look forward instead of looking back.

Have we made mistakes?  Of course.  Were some of them really big mistakes?  Probably.  Did God give us what we needed to change our lives so that we do not repeat those mistakes again?  Yes.  So, what’s the hold up?

Move on.  Keep going.  Do not let your gazing into the past prohibit you from moving forward.  It is in your moving forward that you give greater glory to God.  Let Him lead you into the future.

FAITH ACTION:  Thank God for all the times He has helped you to become a better person.