Life And Love

8 Apr

“The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies.”  ~ Kate McGahan

One quick glance at society and you can see that there are radically different ideas of both life and love.  Life, for some, is a very sacred gift from God that is to be cherished and nurtured.  For others, life is something that is fragile and frightening.  For still others, life is something that is to be lived capriciously and with abandon.

The same attitude that one has toward life, one generally holds toward love.  Love can be deep and abiding, love can be unconditional, or love can be capricious and shallow.  In order to understand Easter, we need to have a common reference, a common beginning point, for life and love.

We believe that life is a gift from God.  We were created by God in His immortal image and likeness and that is what gives us our dignity.  All life is sacred and all life should be cherished, nurtured, and protected.  All life is drawn toward God and eternity.  God’s plan is that all life returns to Him at the end of our days.

Love is a gift from God.  Love is to be given to all people unconditionally.  It is not be to withheld or used to control others.  Love should always desire the best for another.

Easter is about life and love.  It is about the life of Jesus Christ, a life that was sacrificed upon the cross so that we would be saved from eternal death.  It is about a love that was so great that Jesus would give His life on the cross for all sinners.  That life and love comes to us unconditionally.  Without any strings attached, we are challenged to embrace the life given to us and to love as Jesus did.

FAITH ACTION:  Continue your celebration of Easter by loving all you encounter as completely as possible.