Excite And Inspire Others

28 Nov

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and again and bring their friend.” ~ Walt Disney

Who is most likely to sway you, a whiny and grumbling complainer or a highly happy and enthusiastic person?  I think it’s safe to say that it would be the happy, enthusiastic person.  If your choice was the first option, you don’t need these daily reflections.  You need more professional help . . . or a vacation. 🙂

Jesus called His disciples together and sent them out into the world to preach, to teach, and to heal.  In all that they did, as St. Paul reminded the Christian community later, they were to do it in love.  When we love others, they see that our motivation is pure and that our desire for the best for them is genuine.  When we approach people in love, they respond not only with thanks but often they join us and help to do the work Christ entrusted to us.

Yesterday, we had the last day of our annual Forty Hours celebration.  We also celebrated our annual “Mass of the Toys”.  At that Mass, the students brought wrapped Christmas gifts labeled boy or girl and with an appropriate age range.  The gifts are taken to Indiana State Prison.  There, as Christmas approaches, presents are given to inmates so that they could give them to their children during visiting hours.

We had the students bring the gifts up and placed them in front of the altar.  At the end of the Mass, to continue Forty Hours, the Blessed Sacrament was exposed on the altar.  I told the students that Jesus is the greatest gift that God has given to us and when we help others, when we love others, that is our gift to God.  Seeing the gifts under the Blessed Sacraments was a wonderful example of that kind of love.

Hopefully, it was also an inspiring moment to the students so that they might want to do more of the same.  When we love others, not only do they respond, but it makes it easier for us to love even more the next time around.

FAITH ACTION:  Be such an example of the faith today that you inspire others to turn to the Lord as well.