Do Not Fear Solitude

7 Sep

“Loneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is the richness of self.”  ~ May Sarton

There are people who very much fear to be alone.  The reason is because when they are without distraction, they realize how very lonely they are.  Loneliness is a phenomenon that can take place while one is alone or while one is with a group of people.  There can be a room full of people having the time of their lives and you will be able to spot the lonely ones present.  They are usually off to the side or in the midst of everyone else but with vacant faces.

As Sarton states, loneliness is a poverty of self.  That cannot be taken away by being in a group of people.  Loneliness is often coupled with anxiety or fear.  Lonely people have so many things about which to fret.  They come to the point where they fear being alone while, at the same time, fear being in groups.  They fear that others will see that “something is not quite right” with them.

The one who seeks solitude, on the other hand, is the person who is comfortable with self.  That person has the ability to be introspective without becoming anxious or agitated.  The person who seeks solitude does not fear being alone.  In many ways, that person relishes being alone.  That is not to say that the person is a loner.  When among other people, that person engages freely with others.  There is a happiness and sense of peace that often exudes from the person.

Jesus, the man of action, was also a man of solitude.  He often withdrew to out of the way places in order to communicate with His Father.  He modeled for us what is best to do.  We need to become comfortable with ourselves in order to embrace solitude.  Solitude is anything but loneliness.  Seeking solitude, one can find God and He will fill up all the empty places in our soul.

FAITH ACTION:  Make some time today to sit in solitude in order to listen to the voice of God.