Celebrate What You Have

8 Jan

“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of.  You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.”  ~ Albert Camus

I truly believe that there are many people who are totally frustrated in life and with their lives because they think that they have not found that for which they were looking:  love, contentment, success, et cetera.  I also believe that they will never find it.  Why?  Because they are too busy looking and not busy enough seeing and appreciating what they have already received.

Yes.  It is possible to be loved and successful and popular and the like and never even know it.  That is because some people become so consumed with the search that they fail to see that they have already arrived.  Do you think that is impossible?  Do you think that people would notice if they have already received all they sought?  Let me ask you a simple question.  Have you ever searched your house for your keys or glasses or the television remote while holding the item in your hands?  Uh huh.

We can become so consumed with the search that we blind ourselves to reality.  Camus knew this.  There is happiness to be found in each day.  There is a quality of life to be embraced in every moment.  If we believe that there’s “something more”, however, we will deny that we have what we truly desire.

I’m thinking of Jesus’ phrase right now, “It cannot be that way with you.”  We have been given great gifts by the Lord — including the gift of life again this day — and we need to realize that, accept that, and celebrate that.  Even if we look for something more, some further direction, some deeper meaning, we must not deny that which we already possess.  “You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.”

So, go ahead and search today.  Go ahead and long for more.  Go ahead and seek deeper wisdom and greater gifts.  Just don’t deny anything that you already hold.

FAITH ACTION:  Thank God for the gift of today and then go out and live the day and all its possibilities to its fullest.