What Captures Your Heart?

19 Jul

“Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture your heart.”
~ Old Native American Saying

Advertising representatives make an art out of catching our eye.  Stores will tell you that they put certain items on the shelves at the register because they want to catch our eye while we are waiting to check out.  If they can catch our eye, they know that chances are really good that we will end up making an impulse purchase.  And if we make an impulse purchase, they come out the winners.

Just think to yourself, how many times in the past month have you purchased something simply because it caught your eye?

My recently departed aunt, God bless her, was good at that.  She received all sorts of “medical” fliers in the mail and she would purchase pills and vitamins of all sorts.  She would tell us over and over again that she purchased them because the “doctor” in the flier promised results.  There was no arguing with her that the people might not be real doctors at all.  Or, they might have a doctorate in anything but medicine.  But, for my aunt, if they wore a white coat and promised the moon, she would fall for the product.

We have to quit pursuing what captures our eye.  Past experience should tell us that most of what does so is transitory at best.  Most of what catches our eye cannot do what it promises.  Most of what catches our eye does not even last.

But our heart?  Well, our heart senses much better.  We need to pursue what captures our heart.  The one to pursue the most, of course, would be God.  God speaks to our heart on a daily basis.  However, many of us never hear Him because we are too distracted with what catches our eye.

It would do us well to take some time in our lives this day to sort through the things of our heart and the things that catch our eye and determine if we are letting the glitz and glam of this world distract us from what our true goal should be: closer union with Christ.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask the Lord to reveal Himself to you in the recesses of your heart and give yourself over to Him completely this day.