Don’t Blame Anyone Else

18 Jul

“Are you sure you’re not the weapon that is formed against you causing you not to prosper?”  ~ G. Gregg Murray

There are times — too many times, it seems — when we do wrong.  Often, after doing something wrong, we do the human thing:  look for someone to blame.  It cannot be our fault, can it?  Someone else has to be the cause and, therefore, take the blame.

Whenever we engage in the old game of pointing fingers, we make ourselves weaker.  Only when we acknowledge our fault and blame will we be able to look at the deep down cause and do what we need to improve ourselves so that we do not do wrong again.  When we place blame on others rather than accept the blame ourselves, we will never be motivated to become better.

I have seen the blame thing happen way too often in the lives of people with whom I have dealt over the years.  It is always so easy to see when others are engaging in the blame game.  Have you ever noticed that?  Do you know what else I notice?  Even though I could identify every person that has ever engaged in blaming others, I seem to miss when I do it myself?  Sound familiar?  Do you miss seeing yourself engaging in blaming others?  It’s human nature.

What we need to do is acknowledge it and to work harder at accepting responsibility so that we can engage in healthy ways of dealing with our wrongs and our failings.  Instead of spending time looking to blame others the next time things do not go right, look closely at yourself and see if the blame lies within.  Identifying it is the first step to correcting it.

FAITH ACTION:  Take responsibility for your failings and make a plan to right yourself so that you may be an effective minister of God’s Word in the world.