What A Friend!

15 Feb

“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.”  ~ Jim Morrison

Yesterday we celebrated a special holiday.  Valentine’s Day is a day that many people let the special people in their lives know how much they care about them.  Personally, I believe that we should not have a holiday for that.  We should let people know every single day how much we care about them.  We never know when we will not be able to do so again.  We may lose someone before telling them how special they are.  That just should not happen.

Special people, friends, truly are those who give us the freedom to be ourselves.  God is the most special friend that we have and He goes all out in letting us be ourselves.  We call that “free will”.  Some of us wish that we didn’t have free will.  It would be easier, in the end, if God would simply make all of our decisions for us and move us from one place to another until He brings us home.  At least that way, we can be guaranteed heaven.

However, God loves us so much that He allows us total freedom.  We could choose Him and His love or we can reject Him and His love.  Of course, our choices have consequences both here and eternally.  Cherish the relationship that you have with God.  Foster it.  Nurture it.  Let it grow and develop so that you may make all the right choices.

Cherish, as well, the special people that God has put into your life.  Because of them, we see glimpses of the love that God has for us.

FAITH ACTION:  Let your friends know how much you appreciate them and assure them that you will always support them.  Give thanks to God for His friendship with you.