We Must Focus

5 Jul

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”  ~ Aristotle

One of the things that has always amazed me is the lack of ability so many of us have to see the light in a darkened place.  It seems as if once our eyes adjust to total darkness, they do all that they can to lock on to the dark, perhaps because the light can be blinding and hurt.

You would think that we would look for the light and go toward it.  But, as I said, if we stay in the dark too long, we tend to acclimate to it and begin to do all that we can to preserve it.

Personally, I cannot stand the dark.  When we have too many dark days in a row, I begin to feel really blue.  I look for the sun and celebrate the light when it arrives.  Others, though, have no problem staying in the dark.  There is no way that I could live in Alaska.  Six months of “night” would be way too much for me.

When we are in the dark, we need to look for the light and, when we find it, we must go toward the light.  It can lead us and guide us out of the darkness that consumes us.  We have been in the dark, in many ways, these past few months in regard to the pandemic.  People have suffered greatly because of it.  Many have died because of it.  Still others are looking for a way out of it but all we can do is wait.

Waiting can bring a certain darkness of its own into our lives.  When we wait for something that doesn’t appear to be coming, we can become down and give up hope.  We should do all that is in our power not to give up hope but look, instead, to the Lord for help and guidance.

Our faith can help us in times like this.  Our faith can keep us from falling too far into a dark abyss of doubt and fear.  Our faith can keep the light kindled within us.  Our faith can provide all that we need to navigate these times.  Lean on that faith.  Do not neglect it.

Faith, while a great gift from God, often takes practice, lots of it.  If we continue praying as we should and living the life of a believer, we will find our faith flourishing and that, in turn, will provide us with the ability that we need to key in on the Light of Christ.  Let Him illumine the darkness that might be in your heart and soul so that you might see Him more clearly and be able to follow Him more closely this day.

FAITH ACTION:  Don’t let the negativity that might be filling our world to engulf you.  Rather, look toward the light of Christ and follow Him as faithfully as possible.  He will guide us through the darkness of these days if we just follow Him.