Don’t Let It Get Away

6 Jul

“Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.”  ~ Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill was a self-help author.  He wrote many books.  Probably his most famous, published in 1937, was Think and Grow Rich.  In it were thirteen principles by which to live life.  These thirteen principles, properly followed, he claimed, would make us successful.  He claimed to make more millionaires through his publication than any other person.

Self-help books have been all the rage throughout the years.  There are always people writing these books and always people willing to purchase them in order to get some help on becoming rich or successful or whatever it is the book touts.  Some of these publications might just help people get a better handle on life.  Many others are written for the soul purpose of making the authors wealthy.

The fact that so many go for self-help books, though, indicates the need that many perceive.  There are people who wander through life with little direction.  They change their course at the drop of a hat or at the suggestion of someone who tells them what to do in order to be better.

I think, before any publication can help an individual, the person has to have a good, solid head on his or her shoulders.  If we do not know ourselves, our fears, our strengths, our weaknesses, et cetera, we will be too easily swayed.

Before listening to others, take the time to listen to yourself.  Go to God in prayer and ask Him to reveal Himself to you and to give you the guidance and direction for which you are looking.  He is always willing to help.  We have but to ask.  And, for the record, His advice is totally free.  You don’t have to buy any of His books.

Don’t let the opportunity to grow close to the Lord get away from you this day.

FAITH ACTION:  Make the best of every moment today and do all that you can to serve the Lord.