24 Nov

O God, I will sing a new song to you;
with a ten stringed lyre I will chant your praise,
You who give victory to kings,
and deliver David, your servant from the evil sword.  (Ps 144:9-10)

Throughout the ages, people have tried to suppress the message of Jesus Christ by persecuting the Church.  Anyone who dared to speak about the Lord would be put to death, often quite brutally and violently.

Today’s memorial is no different.  Andrew Dung-Lac was one of 117 people martyred in Vietnam between 1820 and 1862.

Although the threat to their lives was very real, their love for God and their desire to spread the faith was greater than the fear of persecution or death.

They were faithful to God, spread the message of Christ, and gave their lives for the sake of His name.

Our world still needs to hear about Jesus.

We are called to proclaim the faith as well.

It is risky to do so, even today.

Are you willing to speak?

FAITH ACTION:  Have you kept quiet about your faith because of fear of ridicule?  Do not be afraid to share your faith with someone today.  Perhaps you can invite someone to come with you to Mass this weekend.