Use Great Love

2 Apr

“We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”
~ St. Teresa of Calcutta

I will never win an international cooking contest.  I will never become an Olympic skier.  I will never pilot a jumbo jet.  I will never climb Mt. Everest.  These are great things, and, some, daring things.  Yet, because of inclination or health restrictions, they will never come about.  Does that mean that I cannot do anything great, though?  Of course not.

There are times that people look at their lives and the challenges around them and adjudge themselves to be miserable failures.  They become frozen in place and do not try to involve themselves in reaching out to others.  They think that they have nothing to offer.  Mother Teresa would be jumping and shouting.  She would be screaming, “LOVE.  You have love to offer!”

Love is the trump card in this world of ours.  The world tells us that if we truly wish to be great, we need to accrue vast amounts of wealth, that we have to be an international superstar, that we need to make the news on a regular basis, et cetera.  Those might be ways to be great in the eyes of the world.  But, if you want to go above any of those, love.

Love has been written about by scripture scholars throughout the ages.  Love was written about by the apostles and evangelists.  Love was spoken about by Jesus.  Love was exemplified by Jesus’ lifesaving death and resurrection.  If we want to do any great thing, we begin by doing it in love.

Love provides what might be lacking in us.  We might not think that we have the wherewithal to do something wonderful.  However, if we reach out in love and trust that God will provide what is needed, we can change another person in wonderful ways.

Jesus spoke about this over and over again.  He instructed His followers that, if they wished to be the greatest, they should be the greatest servant.

Do great things.  Be that servant of God today.

FAITH ACTION:  Let all that you do today be motivated by your love for God.