Be A Fool For Christ

1 Apr

“I am a fool for Christ.  Whose fool are you?”  ~ Brother Andrew

I remember when I was much younger, April 1st was a glorious day.  We would plan all sorts of pranks on our friends, parents, teachers, and others as we celebrated April Fools Day.  It was like April 1st was a huge holiday, a big feast day.  We played it out for all it was worth.

On this first day of April, we reflect upon a different kind of fool.  Not an April Fool; but, a Christian Fool.  Yes.  We are called to be fools for Christ.  That is how the Christian appears to the world, does it not?  We appear to be fools for adhering to the tenets of our faith.  We appear to be fools for going against the whims and “wisdom” of the world.

But, are we the fool?  The classic definition of a fool was “one who does not believe in God”.  Thus, we are not the fool.  The world is the fool.  However, the world has redefined the definition of fool.  The world believes that a fool is someone who is not clever or, rather, is stupid.

If people see us living the faith to the best of our ability even as it causes us to be scorned by the world, let them call us a fool.  We would rather be adjudged as “fool” by the world than by God.  God is pleased with us when we stand up for the faith.  He is pleased with us when we endure the scorn and hatred hurled at us by the world.  He is pleased at us when we repeat the teachings of His Son.

Toward the end of this month, we are going to celebrate a truly glorious feast: the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ. That feast fuels us for the work that we have to do while here on earth.  That feast informs us that the trials and tribulations that we go through as believers is truly worth it.  Because, no matter what name the world may want to call us, the world cannot assure eternal life with God.  Only Jesus can do that. And the world, for all that it believes and for all that it does, is not on course for eternal life.  If anything, the world has a destination of eternal death in store for itself.

Hence, it is our duty not only to remain faithful to the Lord but to introduce the invitation of Jesus to the world.  Whether or not anyone in the world accepts the invitation will reflect upon them.  However, if we do not extend the invitation, the Lord will be displeased with us.

Being a fool for Christ is not easy.  It can cause much hardship.  But, it is truly necessary if we are going to please the Lord.  Would you rather be a fool for Christ and have it mean something important or be a fool for the world and truly embody the world’s definition of someone incredibly stupid?

FAITH ACTION:  Ignore the taunts of the world and be a fool for Christ this day, pointing the way to Jesus by all that you say and do.