The Lord’s Kindness Is Everlasting

25 Feb

Man’s days are like those of grass;
like a flower of the field he blooms;
The wind sweeps over him and he is gone,
and his place knows him no more.

But the kindness of the Lord is from eternity
to eternity toward those who fear him,
And his justice toward children’s children
among those who keep his covenant.  (Ps 103:15-18)

“Please pardon our dust” or “Coming Soon”.  Those are the invisible signs that are written on each of our foreheads for we are transitory.  None of us are long for this world.  We were fashioned out of earthly substance and we will return to earthly substance at the end of our days.  All of that, we remember in a special way on Ash Wednesday.

We are, as the psalmist indicates, like the grass or like the flower that sprouts, blooms, and dies.  After that, we are seen on this earth no longer.

And that is all right.  Because none of us are destined for eternity on this earth.  We are destined for something more than that:  eternity with God.

God’s kindness, love, and mercy is from eternity to eternity.  He who created us in His image and likeness waits for the moment when we return to Him.  Because we are created so specially, God takes lavish care of us while we are here on earth.

None of the creatures of the earth have the Holy Spirit poured out upon them in daily graces.  None of the creatures of the earth have an eternal soul fashioned in God’s image and likeness.  None of the creatures of the earth have the covenant that God made with us.

That is something upon which we can always count.  Thus, in times of trouble, we can turn to the Lord and ask for His help knowing that He is and always will be there for us.  In times of joy, we can turn to the Lord to celebrate our joy with us.  In times of consternation, we can turn to the Lord for enlightenment and discernment.

We can turn to the Lord whenever and wherever we want.  Why not turn to Him today?

FAITH ACTION:  Create some time in your schedule today just to sit with the Lord.  In quiet contemplation, confidently place your needs and cares in His hands.



Beginning tomorrow, Sunday, February 26, 2017, I am going to change the manner of the Daily Reflections, at least until after Easter.

Since I began the reflections on February 21, 2012, I have been reflecting upon the daily scripture.  Beginning tomorrow, I am going to do a day-by-day walk through Lent.  The format will remain the same — opening quote, reflection, and faith action.  The reflections just will not be limited to the daily readings.  I hope that they will continue to be useful to you.

Maybe they can be useful to a friend or family member as well?  If you are so inclined, invite some people to send in their emails to be added to the mailing list or, with their permission, send me their email addresses and I will add them to the list.