The Life Within

1 Dec

A bare tree stands
with roots on both ends
in December days.
~ Kiran Bantawa

December 1st.  This is the time of year that darkens the moods of many people.  The fresh, bright, vibrant life of the world around us has been effectively stifled by the cold and dark of autumn.  Now, the winter days approach and, as we well know, the longest days of dark in our calendar year.  With the darkness outside, we often become dark and moody inside.

Kiran Bantawa paints such a marvelous image off winter.  We can all see the barren tree in our mind’s eye and, yes, it does look like roots above just as we know roots lie below.  Those “roots” are the basis for leaves again in the spring, summer, and fall.  The roots below are the basis for the life of the tree as they draw nourishment from the ground.

Our roots, if you will, run just as deep.  At least, they should.  If we root ourselves in prayer and the performance of good works, we will be able to weather the test of time.  We will thrive in the bright and sunny days of our lives and we will be shored up during the dark and dismal days of our lives.

No one can do this for us.  We, alone, are responsible to maintain a faith life that can sustain us throughout all the seasons of our lives.

For some, December means hope and promise.  They see Christmas as being right around the corner.  For others, December means darkness and gloom.  It is a reminder of all the people no longer with us and who can no longer celebrate the holidays with us.  How do you view this time of year?

The Church gives us help at this time of year to keep on the path.  In a couple of days, we will enter the season of Advent.  Our Advent journey will help us navigate the darkness and gloom of December and lead us to the bright promise of Christmas.  Is it too early to say, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel?”  I hope not.

Let Christ guide you today and help you through all your tomorrows.

FAITH ACTION:  Make sure to spend some good time in prayer today so that you can nourish that life that lies within.