The Ascension And Our Hope

29 May

“At His Ascension our Lord entered Heaven, and He keeps the door open for humanity to enter.”  ~ Oswald Chambers

I often wonder about how Jesus was raised.  What did Mary and Joseph say to Him as He was growing up?  Did Mary tell Him to wash His hands before eating?  Did Mary have to continuously tell Him to shut the door when He entered or left the house?  I know my parents had to tell me that and I am sure that your parents told you that as well.

Shut the door!  Anything can get in if you leave it open!  Those admonitions were heard on a pretty regular basis.  Today, however, we remember an open door that we hope is never shut on us.  Jesus, after He left His followers and ascended into heaven, prepared a place for each and every one of us.  Chambers reminds us that “He keeps the door open for humanity to enter.”

That is such a comfort.  To realize that Jesus is waiting to welcome us home is something that fills us with great hope and helps us navigate our way here on earth.  Have no doubt about it, the way to the Kingdom can be fraught with peril.  Even war.

We are told to love one another, to cherish and respect one another.  But somewhere in our baser human nature, we are prone to hatred and violence.  Sometimes, that leads us to conflict with others either personally or as a whole.  When nations are in conflict, wars often come about.  It doesn’t need to be said; but, when wars come about, people die.

Today, we remember that the Lord ascended to heaven to prepare a place for us and to keep the door open for us as we continue our earthly sojourn to Him.  Tomorrow, we remember those who fell in wars throughout the years.  Their earthly sojourn ended abruptly and violently, they have entered the heavenly doors to their eternal reward.

God is a God of love.  His love is unconditional.  He loves freely and He loves all of His creation.  He makes no distinction and He wants all of His people to return to Him at the end of our days.  If we remember that, we will be more prone to be a people of love as well and to do all that we can to build up one another rather than to tear one another down.

The disciples may have been confused about where Jesus was going to go and they may have been frightened when He left them.  But they picked up where He left off and continued to proclaim the Good News to all the world.  Their work — the work of the Lord — is now ours to accomplish.

FAITH ACTION:  Remember those who have fallen in war that they may rejoice that the Lord prepared a place for them.