Life Is A Battle

28 May

“My whole life is a battle between me and me.  Between me as I am and me as God wants me to be.”  ~ St. Nikolai Velimirovic

I praise the name of the Lord and thank Him for calling me to the priesthood.  Today, I celebrate the thirty-ninth anniversary of ordination.  It seems like just yesterday and, yet, it seems like too many years ago to count!  Through these past thirty-nine years, I can say with much confidence that there is no way in God’s green earth that I would have been able to do what I have done without His grace.

That is a very humbling thought.  My entire life, indeed, is on loan to me from a God who has called me.  I am still not sure why He has done so and I still question what lies ahead.  All I know is that I am not worthy but He, somehow, has decided to use me nonetheless.

The times have changed, the assignments have changed.  What remains the same is my desire to do the Lord’s will.  I hope that God will continue to give me the graces that I need to serve His holy people and I ask you to join me in praying for that.

Thank you, God, for being with me through the years:
1982 – Ordained a deacon.  Six months as deacon of St. Bridget, Hobart and six months as deacon at Holy Trinity, Gary
1983 – Ordained a priest.  Assigned as Associate Pastor of St. John Bosco, Hammond and Instructor at Bishop Noll Institute, Hammond
1985 – Assigned as Chaplain at the Carmelite Home for Boys, Hammond and Instructor at Bishop Noll Institute
1986 – Assigned as Pastor of Holy Trinity Church, Gary
1991 – Assigned as Chaplain at Indiana State Prison, Michigan City
1994 – Assigned as Pastor of St. Maria Goretti, Dyer
1996 – Assigned as Pastor of Queen of All Saints, Michigan City
2003 – Assigned as Pastor of St. Thomas More, Munster

As one who believes in the power of prayer, may I ask you to say a prayer for me today as I celebrate the anniversary of my ordination to the priesthood?  Many thanks and may God bless you!

FAITH ACTION:  Please pray, as well, for an increase in vocations to the priesthood, diaconate, and religious life.