17 Apr

“There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved: It is God’s finger on man’s shoulder.”  ~ Charles Morgan

We all crave love.  Deprived of love, we easily succumb to depression.  Love is an incredible feeling and an incredible bond between people.  It is supportive and nurturing.  It is a great gift to give to others and just as great a gift to receive from others.  Morgan tells us that love is God’s finger on our shoulders.  How very true.

We hear quite often that we are now the hands and heart, the feet and the words of Jesus.  Since His Ascension, Jesus has entrusted His mission to us.  His mission is very simple and basic:  love.

If we love others as Christ loves us, we have done our job and, in the process, have changed at least our part of the world.  The love of God is extremely powerful.  It can pull people from the depths of despair and fill them with peace and joy.  That powerful love is what we share with others.

Some try to wield love as some kind of control over others.  That is totally wrong and an abuse of the very nature of love.  Love is selfless.  Wielding love is selfish.  Don’t use love for your own benefit.  Instead, share love so that it may be at its full potential:  nurturing, caring, unconditional, and freely given.

FAITH ACTION:  Be the love of God for those you encounter this day.