Starting Out

6 Jul

“We all learned in kindergarten that the beginning is a very good place to start.” ~Anonymous

So many people want all the glory they can get without doing any of the work.  That is not how life goes, however.  If we want the benefits of a job well done, well, we have got to do the job!

The same goes with our faith lives.

There are many people who are jealous or envious of those who are very “deep” in their own spirituality, those who seem to have a particular connection with God, those who are very settled and calm when the rest of the world is anxious.  Those people got to the place they are in by years of practice.

Their relationship with God reflects a lot of time taken to be with God.  In prayer, contemplation, meditation, fasting, and good works, they have gotten close to God and see Him and the world a different way than those who are just beginning a spiritual journey.

They should not be envied.  If anything, they should be used as models, as examples, of what it takes to be closer to the Lord.

Kindergarten is a good place to start.  That is so true.  And in the spiritual life, our “kindergarten” begins when we first learn our prayers.  As we practice our prayers, we move on up in the grades.  We go through form prayers to spontaneous prayers to conversation with God.  It takes time; but, after a while, it is very natural simply to sit with God and enjoy His presence.

Do you want to get to that point in your own spiritual life?  The point where you can simply sit down and immediately converse with God?  You can get there.  However, that is “graduate school” kind of stuff.  In order to get there, you have to go through kindergarten first.

Take the time in the beginning to do it right.  A prayerful relationship with God will flow after enough practice.

FAITH ACTION:  Examine your faith journey thus far.  Ask God to give you the insight you need to make the correct steps as you move toward a deeper relationship with Him.