St. Augustine

28 Aug

R/ Lord, teach me your statutes.

How shall a young man be faultless in his way?
By keeping to your words.

R/ Lord, teach me your statutes.

With all my heart I seek you;
let me not stray from your commands.

R/ Lord, teach me your statutes.

Within my heart I treasure your promise,
that I may not sin against you.

R/ Lord, teach me your statutes.

Blessed are you, O Lord;
teach me your statutes.

R/ Lord, teach me your statutes.

With my lips I declare
all the ordinances of your mouth.

R/ Lord, teach me your statutes.

In the way of your decrees I rejoice,
as much as in all riches.

R/ Lord, teach me your statutes.  (Psalm 119:9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14)

There are times in our lives when we need to realize that there are rules that must be followed.  We learn that as very young children in regards to life at home.  As we grow older, we learn that about our relationship with God as well.

God has rules that we must follow.  We need to be taught His commands, His laws (statutes).

However, we often resist learning those laws.

We resist because we realize the moment we accept them, we must become changed individuals.  We must give up our own wants, our own desires, our own plans and turn them all over to the Lord.

That takes a lot of doing.

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Augustine, the son of St. Monica whose feast we celebrated yesterday.

His mother prayed for him for many years, hoping that he would one day accept Jesus Christ and become a Christian.  When Augustine finally felt the Lord calling him, he knew that he would have to become a radically changed person.  His “prayer” for a while was:  “Grant me chastity and continence.  But not yet.”

It is hard to accept the will of God.  It is hard to become the person that He is calling us to be, especially if it is so against our own worldly wishes and desires.

It is only when we embrace God, however, that we truly will be complete and will be free.

FAITH ACTION:  To what do you still cling?  If it is keeping you from God can you forsake it?  In prayer today, tell the Lord, “They will be done!”