See Jesus

18 Feb

“Remember that vision on the Mount of Transfiguration; and let it be ours, even in the glare of earthly joys and brightnesses, to lift up our eyes, like those wondering three, and see no man any more, save Jesus only.”  ~ Alexander MacLaren

The Gospel at this morning’s Mass is the wonderful recounting of the Transfiguration of our Lord.  We often tell ourselves that “things would be different” if God would just speak directly to us, if God would just send down lightning bolts from on high, if God would just lead us with pillars of fire, and the like.  Truth be told, that would make no difference.

After all, those things happened to God’s people in the past.  They ended up doing whatever they wanted anyway.  Some of the people who heard the words of God actively worked to remove Jesus and have Him crucified.

We have to quit looking at what can change us externally and get busy looking at what we need to do internally.  When we accept the responsibility for our own words and actions, we will make major strides in our faith life.

We do not need the lightning bolts or pillars of fire or voices from on high.  God speaks to us in the silence of our hearts.  What we need to do is train ourselves to listen.

Listening is a skill that is lacking in many people.  I chuckled heartily the other day when I ran across a meme on Facebook which stated “Not sure if he was listening or just waiting for his turn to talk.”  If we are going to get anywhere in our relationship with God, we are going to need to develop better listening skills.  God does speak.  It is up to us to listen.

FAITH ACTION:  In quiet prayer, listen for the Lord.  Heed God as He speaks to you today.