Save What You Love

15 Jul

“That’s how we’re gonna win. Not fighting what we hate.  But, saving what we love.” 
~ Rose, The Last Jedi

This could be one of my most controversial posts.  Not because of the message; but, because it includes a quote from the most recent Star Wars movie.  There are purists out there who have given up on the franchise long ago.

One of our mentor couples who prepare other couples for the Sacrament of Matrimony always teaches that it is the “job” of the individual to make sure that the other individual in that couple gets to heaven.  By the way a spouse lives his or her life, there should be such witness to the other that it informs, nourishes, and sustains the partner’s holiness.

If we constantly focus upon what we hate, we will sound like grumps and we will quickly lose the attention of anyone else.  If, on the other hand, we focus upon what is good, holy, and honorable, we will be inspirations to all and could even garner a following.  Followings are not always bad.  When some people develop a cult of personality, that is bad.  However, when people have followers because those following see something truly worthwhile and want what we have — Jesus in our lives — that is good and quite admirable.

We may hate the devil and all his actions.  However, we do not beat the devil by hate, we conquer by love.  Each time we save someone we love and set them on the right path, we win a huge battle.  We gain a soul for God.  No soul can be forced to God.  That soul must be introduced to God’s love in gentle ways.  Our love can help steer a soul in the right direction.

The optics are important.  We are in a war.  We are fighting evil.  However, we do it by saving those we love.  If you want to save someone today, be the best, the most loving, and the most honorable person that you can be.  You will become a beacon in a dark world and be a source of strength and comfort for the lost.

FAITH ACTION:  Pray for all those you love that they may have the graces they need this day to remain on the path to the Kingdom.