Live A Good Life

14 Jul

“The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.”  ~ Bertrand Russell

How many people look for the “good life”?  I would dare say everyone does.  However, the definition of “good life” is very different for each person.  For some, a good life is one that is filled with success and advancement.  For others, a good life is filled with riches.  For still others, a good life equates with fame and success.

The people who go for that kind of good life are often very disappointed because those kinds of things tarnish, lose value, or disappear.  That is what happens when we think that the good life can be supplied by this material world. The world may be excellent at promising but it often fails at the actual delivery of promises.

If, on the other hand, a person’s life is filled with love guided by knowledge, that person has everything.  Love will guide the steps of that person and knowledge will help the person to do good for others, thus increasing the amount of love received.

We can never give love away and not have it make an impact. True, there may be times that our love does not necessarily come back to us; but, there is no way to know just how much of a difference our love may have made in the life of another.

Sometimes, our love makes all the difference in the world to another.  That person may have been filled with loathing, depression, or any other malady of spirit. Our love can touch the core of another’s life and begin a sorely needed healing.

Loving others make us feel good. Loving others makes us feel fulfilled. Loving others makes us feel like co-workers with God which is exactly what we are at those times in our lives.  God has an incredible amount of love to give to people and, sometimes, He asks us to be the vehicle by which His love is shared with the world.

Imagine how special we will feel when God calls us at the end of our days and says to us, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”  Those words will be worth all the knocks that we had to take in this life for loving others when the world told us that they didn’t matter and we should only take care of ourselves.

Do not be an agent of or for the world.  Rather, be an agent of God’s love in the world letting others know how incredibly special they are and how incredibly loved they are by God. You can make all the difference in another person’s life.

FAITH ACTION:  As you are loved by God, inspire others by loving them unreservedly today.