Rest Is Important, Too

7 Feb

The Apostles gathered together with Jesus
and reported all they had done and taught.
He said to them,
“Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.”  (Mk 6:30-31a)

This is a rather fast-paced world.  From the time we are very young, we begin moving and moving and moving.  Parents nowadays keep “social calendars” for their children in grade school.  The children’s calendars are booked with events, practices, get-togethers, and all sorts of other things that involve action.

We can become so busy that we lose sight of our path and of our goal.  We become overwhelmed.  When that happens, we are tempted to give up.

Jesus knew that about His people.  After sending them out to preach, teach, and heal, they returned to recount all their deeds.  Jesus knew that life was more than just accomplishing deeds, though.  Without taking time for reflection and rest, they would not be able to continue on.

Jesus instructed them to go to a deserted place to rest a while.  Jesus, in His own ministry, used to do that as well.  He would often go up a mountain to pray, to spend time with His Father, to rest in God’s love.  That rest gave Him the energy and wherewithal to continue His ministry.

The Church finds great wisdom in that as well.  That is why it instructs its priests, deacons, and religious to make annual retreats.  It is actually a part of Canon Law that we take the time each year to go away and rest in the Lord.  Doing so, we find ourselves refreshed and better able to continue doing what is necessary.

All of God’s faithful need to take time to rest in His love.  It is the only way that we will ever have enough energy for the journey through life.

FAITH ACTION:  Take some time today to do nothing but rest in the Lord.  Sit quietly and allow Him to speak to your heart and soul.