Pray For Our Deceased Bishops, Priests, And Deacons

6 Nov

This morning, at Holy Angels Cathedral in Gary, Bishop Melczek, priests, and deacons will gather to pray for the deceased bishops, priests and deacons who have served the faithful in the Diocese of Gary.

We do this every year near All Souls Day.

As we have pray for our departed brethren, I ask you to say a prayer for the repose of their souls as well. May God bless them with eternal peace and joy.

Our Bishops

Most Reverend John F. Noll, D.D.
Most Reverend Andrew G. Grutka, D.D.
Most Reverend Norbert F. Gaughan, D.D.

Our Priests

Monsignor Casimir Bickauskas
Reverend Alfred J. Junk
Reverend Louis F. Bozyk
Reverend Wilfred P. Mannion
Reverend Peter A. Biegel
Reverend John J. Lach
Monsignor John P. Biernacki
Monsignor Michael Abraham
Reverend Cornelius P. Bergan
Reverend August C. Van Rie
Monsignor Frederick J. Westendorf
Reverend Paul J. Roederer
Reverend Raymond G. Derrick
Reverend Roman S. Wojcicki
Reverend Edmund A. Ley
Monsignor Alfred W. Reinig
Reverend Edwin E. Eisenhardt
Reverend Louis J. Ratajczak
Reverend Ermengildo Senese
Reverend Joseph A. Klinker
Reverend Robert E. Emmons
Reverend Frank A. Seimetz
Monsignor Julian F. Doktor
Reverend John N. Chylewski
Monsignor Michael A. Petzold
Reverend Louis G. Duray
Reverend John S. Woods
Reverend Ambrose E. Switzer
Reverend Joseph Zobel
Reverend Thaddeus S. Plawecki
Reverend Ladislaus S. Krause
Reverend Henry A. Smartz
Monsignor Francis J. Jansen, P.A.
Monsignor H. James Conway
Monsignor Stanley F. Zjawinski, P.A.
Reverend Richard R. Grunenburg
Reverend George A. Masley
Monsignor Alvin J. Jasinski
Reverend Patrick A. Meehan
Reverend Charles J. Seeberger
Reverend Eric A. Schaff
Monsignor Edward H. Vurpillat
Reverend Henry J. Ameling
Monsignor Lawrence T. Grothouse
Monsignor W. Edward Sweigart
Reverend John F. Bart
Reverend Wencel A. Karp
Reverend Robert L. Mayhew
Reverend Herman A. Schoudel
Reverend Edward M. Boney
Reverend David E. Hauskins
Monsignor Clement M. Mlinarovich
Reverend Michael C. Gadacz
Reverend John A. Sullivan
Reverend John A. Costello
Reverend Louis A. Jeziorski
Reverend Anthony M. Quinlisk
Monsignor Julian J. Skrzypinski, P.A.
Monsignor Louis W. Michalski
Reverend Clemens L. Koors
Reverend John B. Schaeffer
Reverend Joseph A. Buczyna
Reverend Joseph S. Wonderly
Reverend John P. Zubak
Reverend Anthony A. Balczun
Reverend Carl J. Holsinger
Reverend Herman J. Miller
Reverend Matthew G. Spebar
Monsignor Michael A. Campagna
Monsignor Leo P. Hildebrandt, P.A.
Reverend Eugene C. Hoffman
Reverend Michael J. Kelner
Reverend Walter S. Pawlicki
Reverend Louis M. Letko
Reverend Gilbert G. Wirtz
Reverend Antoniu Dunca
Reverend James A. Stapleton
Reverend Leonarc J. Cross
Reverend Valerian S. Karcz
Reverend Theodore A. Janicki
Reverend Joseph D. Sipos
Monsignor Everard N. Klein
Reverend Joseph P. Casey
Reverend Dominic A. Pallone
Reverend Theodore V. Fettig
Reverend Ignatius C. Vichuras
Reverend Joseph P. Smith
Reverend John A. Halo
Monsignor Francis A. Rego
Reverend Henry I. Krysinski
Reverend Julian I. Jercha
Reverend Vincent Uvodic
Reverend Joseph Mosko
Reverend Timothy E. Benante
Monsignor Paul S. Haney
Reverend John J. Frawley
Reverend Emil E. Bloch
Monsignor Paul J. Schmid
Reverend Joseph A. LaMere
Reverend Joseph H. Hammes
Monsignor Robert B. Weis
Reverend Paul Jakulevicius
Reverend Joseph N. Panavas
Reverend Chester P. Zurawiec
Reverend Andrew C. Topor
Reverend Stephen J. Vrabley
Reverend Dominic A. Mrena
Reverend Leo J. Armbruster
Reverend Benjamin Domsich
Reverend M. F. Bach
Reverend Anthony J. Suelzer
Reverend John N. Beckmann
Monsignor Joseph J. Viater
Monsignor Casimir E. Senderak
Reverend Walter S. Mastey
Reverend Louis B. Wozniak
Reverend Bernard F. Shank
Reverend Louis S. Madejczyk
Reverend Philip N. Fusco
Most Rev. Norbert F. Gaughan, D.D.
Reverend Ambrose T. McGinnity
Reverend Anthony D. Ficko
Reverend Ralph G. Hoffmann
Monsignor Albert H. Van Nevel
Reverend Stanley J. Milewski
Reverend Albert J. Zimmerman
Monsignor Paul P. Bogovich
Reverend Eugeniusz Pogorzelski
Reverend John C. Bargielski
Reverend Patrick J. Connolly
Reverend Clarence E. Danforth
Reverend Leonard J. Lukaszewski
Monsignor F. Raymond Fowerbaugh
Monsignor Timothy F. Doody
Reverend William E. Vogt
Reverend Joseph E. Till
Reverend Seraph Meneghello
Monsignor William L. Martin
Monsignor John C. Witte
Reverend Joseph E. Pusateri
Reverend John T. Ambre
Reverend Jose Antonio Valtierra
Reverend Edward J. Kennedy
Reverend George M. Vrabely
Reverend Francis M. Lazar
Reverend Joseph R. Niezgoda
Reverend Richard H. Ameling
Reverend John A. Murzyn
Monsignor John J. Charlebois
Monsignor Michael J. Tomaszewski
Reverend John R. Winterlin
Monsignor Don C. Grass
Reverend William J. Spranger
Rev. Aloysius J. Nondorf
Msgr. Ignatius L. Urbonas
Rev. Leonard Kronkowski

Our Deacons

Deacon John Beda
Deacon Walter Stone
Deacon John Townsend
Deacon Robert Fischer
Deacon Arthur Weeks
Deacon Rufus Harris
Deacon Joseph Rapal
Deacon Richard Duszynski
Deacon David Brown
Deacon Leslie Vendl
Deacon Melvin Jefferson
Deacon Joseph Kwitko
Deacon Joseph Wilczynski
Deacon Melvin Clark
Deacon Joseph Sobek
Deacon Frederick Romanski
Deacon John McGuckin
Deacon David Hajduch
Deacon George Modrak
Deacon Alexander Saims
Deacon Martin Gomez