Of Value

22 Jul

“To ensure that you do not forget your child each time you get out of the car, make sure that you put something valuable back there.” ~ Public Service Ad

Something valuable?!  You see, public service ads like that, that have been surfacing on a pretty regular basis with the heat of the past couple of weeks, remind us just how much — or how little — value a human life has.  The suggestions have ranged from putting a piece of art in the back seat, the driver’s left shoe, or something else “of value”.  A suggestion has also arisen to put a stuffed animal or teddy bear in the front seat so that, when you see it, you will remember that you have a child in the back seat.  The implication is that the child in the back seat has little value.

Something has gone decidedly wrong when children are, apparently, of so little value that they are left behind in hot cars or that we need to put something else in our car to remind us that we have a child aboard.

We need to get back to the place where we cherished and protected all life.  After all, all life is sacred.  All life has been fashioned and created by God.  All life has immense value.  It certainly has more value than a piece of art or a left shoe.

What kind of value do you place on people.  How much value do you ascribe to the people in your life?  Is your daily routine worth more to you than them?

FAITH ACTION:  Pray that people come to value all human life from conception to natural death.