Marking Time

5 Aug

“August is a gentle reminder for not doing a single thing from your new year resolution for seven months and not doing it for next five.”  ~ Crestless Wave

New Year’s Day.  Do you remember it?  Our New Year generally begins with much fanfare and many resolutions.  Most people joke even as they make their resolutions.  The main joke or question regards just how long it will take before we break our resolutions.

Most people make it at least a month.  From there, however, it gets really iffy.

After two months, most people will admit that they have left their resolutions in the past.  After three months, most people cannot even tell you what their resolutions were.  The rest of the year drifts away until the end of December when people begin to plan, once again, what their resolutions might be.

Our lives are journeys of ebbs and flows.  We know that not everything we begin will continue.  We know that we are not as faithful as we should be, that we lack a level of commitment that we would desire to have.

You know something?  It is never too late to begin again.  It is never too late to tell ourselves that we are going to accomplish something.  It is never too late to admit that our old ways were not working and to adopt something new in our lives so that we can be successful.

It is never too late, as well, for a deeper devotion and dedication to God.  God never gives up on us.  God’s resolution was to save us and save us He did in the death and resurrection of Jesus.  If God could give us so much, maybe we can give Him renewed dedication this day.

FAITH ACTION:  Do something today to hone your faith.  Spend extra time in prayer or doing good works.  Or, go to confession this afternoon in order to begin anew.