It Was God

10 Feb

“It wasn’t an alarm clock that woke you up this morning.  It was God’s grace and mercy.”  ~ Unknown

There are so many times that we think that we’ve got it all figured out.  We think that we are the ones in charge.  We think that we are the ones who direct everything around us.  We think that we are the integral piece in our day.

That is far from the truth.

Oh, yes, we can make all the plans that we want.  We can decide what we are going to do.  We can even attempt to make them come about.  However, at any point in time, we may or may not succeed.  That is not because of us.  It is because of everything with which God has surrounded us.

Do we really think that we are the ones who engineer waking up — alive — each day?  Do we think we are the ones who cause the sun to rise in the sky, the water to fall upon the ground, or the flowers to come up out of the earth?  We would be absolutely foolish to think that were the case.

We are nothing without God’s love and providence.  For some reason, God has given us the opportunity to live another day.  Some of us will not be here by the end of the day.  That, too, is directed by God’s providence.

God wants us all to be happy and fulfilled and He knows that nothing will make us more happy than the opportunity to see Him face to face.  That is why I say that our deaths are a part of God’s providence.

God loves you.  Accept that.  Embrace it.  Enjoy your day.

FAITH ACTION:  Give God thanks and praise for allowing you to have another day of life.