God Is Good

23 Oct

“My philosophy is: Life is hard, but God is good. Try not to confuse the two.”  ~ Anne F. Beiler

Too many people chase after the pleasures of the world so that they may enrich their lives.  In the process, they can come to a few faulty conclusions:
(1) the world is the source of pleasure and happiness
(2) God cannot give what the world can give
(3) there is no need for God as we can do things on our own.

While the world may appear to be a source of pleasure and happiness, they are short-lived.  Too many things happen that cause the pleasures of the world to tarnish and fade.  The only true happiness resides in the Kingdom of God.

In many ways, it is quite true that God cannot give what the world can give.  That is because it goes against God’s nature to give what the world gives because what the world has to offer is second-rate and shoddy at best.  When God offers happiness and fulfillment, it is forever and not limited by time.  Unlike the world, which can be very fickle, we can always rely on God.

There is great need for God, not only for happiness but also for eternal life.  The world, though it might try to convince us otherwise, cannot offer eternal life.  The world will come to an end some day and, with it, all that the world has to offer.  If we put all our faith and trust in the world and are not united with God, we may very well miss out on spending eternity with Him.

God has given us so much.  We need to take inventory of our many blessings so that we do not think that it is the world that can supply all that we need.

FAITH ACTION:  Take the time today to thank God for all that He has done for you.