A Relationship With God Is The Goal

24 Oct

“Real and true happiness is having a relationship with God and not what makes us happy.”  ~ Mike Fisher

Happiness is one of those words that have more meanings that we can probably list. It falls in the same category as the many meanings for love.  For some, happiness is wealth.  For others, happiness is a full belly.  For still others, happiness is reveling in the downfall of enemies.  All these feelings are described as “happy”, though they may not fit the classical definition.

True happiness, Fisher tells us, is having a relationship with God.  I agree with him wholeheartedly.  If we have a good, solid relationship with God, we will experience a peace, contentment, and happiness that will carry us through any kind of time.

People against you?  Find yourself in a rough patch in life?  Others telling you that you should be doing something different?  A relationship with God will help one navigate all the storms of life.  It will help a person to hold firm to his or her convictions.  A relationship with God will keep one calm, positive, and centered.

Money can’t do that.  Fame can’t do that.  Prestige can’t do that.  Any other number of things that some might define as sources of “happiness” can’t do that.  Only a relationship with God can keep us headed in the right direction with a peace of heart that the world cannot take away from us.

Some people are frightened when they are told that they should develop a relationship with God.  In their minds, they think that doing so is going to deprive them of their independence.  They think that they are going to be forced to do things that they would rather not do.

For the record, God wants us to accept His will.  He might ask us to do something that we think is beyond our ability.  He might ask us to go against the popular culture and, in effect, mark us in the eyes of others.  He might, and does, ask all of that.  However, the operative word here is “ask”.

God never forces us to do His will.  If we are in a good, solid relationship with Him, though, we will have the courage to say yes to God.  We don’t sing songs like “Take Up Your Cross” for no reason, you know.

We remind ourselves that following the Lord might come at a price.  However, if we are comfortable with Him, if we see God as a friend, we will be able to carry our crosses with contentment and joy.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God to help you develop a deep friendship with Him.