Finding The Lord

15 Apr

“Easter egg hunts: Proof your child can find things when they really want to.”  ~ Unknown

We look for things all the time.  Sometimes, we look for items we misplaced.  Other times, we look to replace items that may have broken.  Sometimes, we search for things that are intangible such as looking for answers.  In all those ways, we look.  We search.  Sometimes we scour in order to find.

Every time I hear or see something similar to today’s quote, I can’t help but smile or laugh.  It’s so true.  And it doesn’t just apply to children.  When we really want something, we look for it as hard as we can until we find it.  That’s just a part of our very makeup.  We don’t like to be without or do without.  Why, then, does God so often get left out of the picture?

It seems that we generally search for material goods or to the answers that will give us some kind of gain whether it be material or temporal.  If there is a benefit to us, we will search for something until we find it.  But when it comes to the spiritual, we often stop short.

Maybe it is because we can’t see the spiritual.  We are people, after all, who are grounded in the material of this world.  We navigate our world by our senses.  If we can see, hear, taste, touch, or hold something, it is real, it exists.  If we cannot see, hear, taste, touch, or hold something however, we discount it.  We say that it can’t be.  We look to something else instead.

This week has been a week of proclaiming Easter Joy.  While it brings much to our spiritual lives, it is totally meaningless on a material level.  Because of that, some people waver after Easter.  For them, Easter is Sunday.  Easter is a family meal.  Easter is a vacation day.  But celebrating Easter for an entire octave?  Why?  What’s it all about?

We’ll never know the answer to that question if all we look toward is the earthly, the material.

FAITH ACTION:  Look for the Lord rather than to the world in all that you do today.