Don’t Let The Devil Win

15 Mar

“The devil wishes to assure some people that there’s no need for repentance, and others that there’s no hope for mercy. Some people are deceived into thinking they are too good for the gospel while others are accused into thinking they are too bad for the gospel.”  ~ Russell D. Moore

Have no doubt about it.  The devil will work on you.  He will work tirelessly.  He will work overtime if he must.  He will do all that he can to convince you that you are unlovable, unworthy, and unforgiven.  He will try to convince you that you are a mistake and that God could never, would never, redeem you and bring you back home.  He would want you to believe that he, the devil, is the only option for you, that he is your only friend.

I am not making this up, not one iota.  Don’t get me wrong.  You are a target and, if you let your guard down, you will be extremely vulnerable.  But it doesn’t have to be so.  There is one — Jesus Christ — who has already fought the fight and won the victory.  Jesus suffered and died for you and for me and He can and will extend His victory to all.

Jesus knows what it means to suffer.  Just reflect upon the sufferings He endured.  He knows what it means to be tempted.  His temptations were colossal.  But Jesus did not submit to the temptations of the devil.  Instead, Jesus told the devil to go away.

Away from me, Satan.  That’s all you need to say.  When you feel extremely tempted, or only slightly tempted, just tell the devil to go away and leave you alone.  Don’t fall for his tricks and don’t become one of his victims.  Instead, seek the Lord and all the help that God provides.

FAITH ACTION:  Don’t let the devil mess with your mind.  Focus on God and ask Him for humility and mercy.