Did You Ever Stop To Think

14 Mar

“These special holidays give rise to various liturgical calendars that suggest we should mark our days not only with the cycles of the moon and seasons, but also with occasions to tell our children the stories of our faith community’s past so that this past will have a future, and so that our ancient way and its practices will be rediscovered and renewed every year.”  ~ Brian D. McLaren

Why do we do what we do?  This might be a question that you ask yourself during our different liturgical seasons.  Just why do we have the penitential season of Lent?  Why do we have the four weeks of Advent.  Why a season after Christmas and Easter instead of just celebrating the day?  All of these are very good questions and they find a bit of their answer in today’s quote.

The seasons and cycles of the Church throughout the year are given to us not only to prepare for and/or to celebrate extremely important events but, also, to provide us the opportunity to share our beliefs with others.

Some of the most important “others”, of course, are family and friends.  We are called to share our faith with them in several ways.  We tell the stories of our faith.  We recount the history of our faith.  We also live our faith as an example for them to follow.  It is so very important to hand down the faith to others so that it remains alive and vibrant throughout the ages just as it has done for nearly two thousand years now.

That is why we need to share our faith with people who are not family and friends as well.  We have neighbors, co-workers, and even strangers who need to hear about the Good News.  If we do not share our stories with them and live our faith for them, who will?

FAITH ACTION:  Don’t just live your faith.  Take the opportunity to tell the story of your faith to those who will listen.