Do Your Best

3 May

“Do your best and leave the rest to God.”  ~ Manisha Koirala

“Do your best.”  That can often be quite subjective, can it not?  What, after all, is best?  I remember many times when I was young whether it be with a gardening task, homework, practicing my clarinet, or a whole host of other things, claiming that I was “doing my best”.

Sometimes, I was.  I would be frustrated because, try as I might, my best just didn’t seem to be cutting it.  Sometimes, I wasn’t doing my best.  I just said that so that I could move on to something else that I would rather do.

We’re like that in many areas of our life and that includes our faith life.  We often tell God that we’re doing our best but that’s not always true.  Sometimes, we’re doing our best just to show up someone else.  Other times, we’re just saying we’re doing our best knowing that we can give much more to a situation.

Unlike dealing with other people, there’s no fooling God.  We can say that we’re doing our best until we’re blue in the face.  If we are not, we know it and God knows it.  And God doesn’t appreciate a liar.  What God does appreciate is an honest attempt to do our best.

If our best isn’t good enough to make the cut, God understands.  As long as we do our best.  If our best isn’t enough to get noticed by others, God understands.  As long as we do our best.  If our best appears to be second-rate, God understands.  He knows we’re giving our all.

Don’t compete with others.  Don’t think that you don’t have what it takes.  Don’t be afraid about not doing enough.  Just do your best.  God understands.  Even more, God appreciates what you do when you strive to do your best.

FAITH ACTION:  Don’t skimp.  Do your best today.