Death Is The Key

4 May

“I thank my God for graciously granting me the opportunity of learning that death is the key which unlocks the door to our true happiness.”  ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Death.  It can be a very frightening reality for so many people.  Death is the final moment of our lives here on earth.  There are those who view death as their very final moment, period.  To them, there is nothing after death.  There is no new life because they have no faith or belief in God.  That makes the prospect of death extremely frightening.

For those of us who believe, though, death is merely the entrance to new — and eternal — life.  Death cannot hold us down because Jesus destroyed death and restored life for each and every one of us in His own rising from the dead.  It must be very frustrating to our enemy to know that death cannot shackle us.  That is why he tries so hard to shake our faith in the Risen Lord.  If our enemy can get us to reject our faith, death can become, once again, an eternal fright.

We know that not to be the case, though.  Death is new life and restored life.  For all those who are crippled by disease, for all those who are too frail to do anything for themselves, for all those whose end-of-life processes have robbed them of any kind of communication with others, all of that is restored when we die and enter eternity.

Imagine the sense of incredible and eternal freedom after being confined or hobbled by pain or disease for so long.  Imagine the sense of peace where once there was dread because of illness.  Imagine the reunion with our loved ones we have lost through the years.  All of those are waiting for us the moment we die.

We should never fear death.  Instead, we should prepare our souls for that ultimate moment so that we are ready to embrace death and all that comes afterwards.  That has been the message of this Easter season and is the continuous message of our lives.  Jesus Christ is risen from the dead and He has the power and authority to bring all of us to Himself after our own deaths.  Alleluia!

FAITH ACTION:  Pray for those who are dying, that they have faith and confidence in God’s love to embrace their final moment.