Do For Me Or Do For Others?

29 Mar

“And isn’t that what freedom is supposed to be? The ability to not do as I please, but the power to do what is pleasing.”  ~ Jackie Hill Perry

Freedom.  So many people seek it.  So many people long for it.  So many people grasp at it.  And so many people abuse it.  You see, “freedom” somehow has become equated to being able to do, say, or possess whatever we want whenever we want it.  That’s not freedom.  That’s greed.

Freedom implies control over our emotions and actions.  Freedom implies the ability to do what is right and just not just for ourselves but for all people.  If we do not make sure that all people’s needs are met, we abuse what freedom is all about.

Perry tells us that freedom is the power to do what is pleasing.  As Christians, we are called to care for one another.  To love one another as God loves us.  To love our neighbor as ourselves.  If we have freedom and do not serve our brothers and sisters, we are abusing that which has been entrusted to us and insulting the Lord who modeled what true freedom and service was all about.

Toward the end of our Lenten journey, we have had many opportunities to reach out to others and care for their needs.  Whether we have done so or not is an entirely different story.  Soon, we will celebrate the holiest days of the Christian calendar.  Continue to examine your life and ask yourself whether or not you appreciate and use the freedom that God has given to you properly.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God to give you the grace that you need today to do what is pleasing for Him rather than to fulfill your own desires.