Collect The Right Stuff

29 Jun

“Collect moments, not things.”  ~ Unknown

We are collectors, each and every one of us.  Some, to a slight degree.  Others, to a massive degree.  Some simply like to collect certain types of things.  Others will collect everything to the point of becoming hoarders.

However, whether we collect to a slight degree or to a massive degree, each of us are often guilty of putting things before everything — and everyone — else.  We tend to want to satisfy ourselves with things rather than experiences with people and that is so sad because we were made for one another.  God did not make us so that we could isolate ourselves from one another and enjoy our “stuff”.  God made us to build up the community in which we live and to realize that each and every person is more important than any thing.

I have had the opportunity to meet both kinds of people.  The “stuff” people are really kind of sad.  They often spend all sorts of time recounting what they have and where they got what they have and what they are still looking to get.  In all that talk, there is a real hollowness about them.  They have missed the point.  They do not talk about people in their lives.

The other kind of people are those who talk about moments.  The moments that they recount are filled with people.  As they tell their stories, you hear about rich interchanges that have taken place with other people and about how they have grown because of their moments with others.  That just fuels them for even more moments with even more people.

God made us for one another.  He blesses us each day with moments filled with wonder and joy and love and, above all, people.  Celebrate the people and the moments that come your way and make sure to thank God for the rich opportunities He has given to you because of those moments.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God to reveal the beauty waiting for you in every moment of this day.