Change The Way It Ends

20 Feb

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”  ~ Carl Bard

Frustration.  Embarrassment.  Regret.  Anger.  Shame.  These, and other negative feelings, are often experienced by people when they look back on their lives.  We might be people that come from every corner of the globe; yet, we all share one common thought:  “I wish I had a chance to go back and change what I did or what I said.”  We look for new starts, for do-overs.  They don’t exist.  We cannot undo the past.

Knowing that we cannot undo the past, some people sink into pits of despair.  They do not want to move forward.  They think that their past has somehow shackled them and predetermined how their future will unfold.  Wrong.

We are not determined by our past.  Yes, our past often feeds our present reality and, if we allow it to do so, it can also be a part of our future.  If we allow it to do so.  We do not have to be shackled by or frozen in the past.  We could learn from what was said or done and use that to inform our future.  We will not be able to change the start of our past; but, we can change the ending in our future.

Jesus gave us that ultimate hope in His death and resurrection.  Until that moment, all creation was frozen in the past.  Its start was wretched.  Original sin came into the world and it appeared that our end would be predetermined as destruction.  Jesus came into the picture and gave us a brand new ending.  Instead of darkness and death, we have the opportunity for light and eternal life.

We can’t change our past.  But, we can change our future.  Choose God’s plan for you.  Shun the lures and traps of the world and embrace the Lord.

FAITH ACTION:  If you feel trapped by your past, let it go and start from now to make a new future.  If you know someone else who is trapped and cannot move ahead, encourage that person to move in a new direction.