Be Great Today

21 Feb

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”
~ Henry Thomas Buckle

If there is something that there is absolutely too much of, it would be the activity of talking about others.  That seems to be the favorite pastime of the typical human being.  What we have to do is to remember that we are called to rise above our human nature and to do what God asks of us.  God does not want us to belittle one another.  God does not delight in our hurting one another.  God desires all of His people to live for one another, building up one another’s well-being.

Perhaps one of the reasons we tear one another down is because it is easier than doing good.  Doing the right thing takes time, practice, sweat, and energy.  Tearing down is effortless and makes us feel superior.  But why hurt someone?  Have we not realized yet that when we hurt someone else — anyone else — we hurt ourselves?  We are, after all, a part of the collective family of humankind.  If one of us hurts, all of us are weakened.  All of us are affected.  All of us are lessened.

If, on the other hand, we build another person up, we build up the entire human family.  We build ourselves up.  And we feel good about it in the process.

It’s entirely up to you today.  Cheap shot that takes someone down or ideas that build one another up?

FAITH ACTION:  Do not be petty or small-minded today.  Build up those around you.